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Hello, dear customer! We are @cnam and @V the developers of Kanban board. We are proud to present our next major step - Enterprise Edition. Maybe you are wondering how to pay or how to get a license to install kanban board EE? Enterprise is now available for free. Why? Because we are developers and have no experience in establishing a business, accounting and so on. So Enterprise edition is free for now, until we will know how to accept payments - about 2 or more months. We are not in rush with this :)

What You will get?

Process tracking and improvement!

Measure the right things to improve your process efficiency with our lean analytics module. Track work in progress, lead time, cycle time and throughput to reduce waste and focus on what really matters.

Powerful plugins and integrations!

Implement your vision of a perfect workflow with our plugins and services integrations. Trigger CI jobs on card movement, organize automated corporate email newsletters, integrate with chat with much more to come!

Real time collaboration!

Don't miss anything with extended comments functionality with instant board updates. It's like chat but for issues!

Connected boards!

You have linked projects and want to see the whole picture? With board connections you can track work from multiple projects on single board!

Choose your storage!

Intergate your existing cloud storage with kanban board to increase collaboration efficiency. Attach important documents to issues, get board reports stored on your storage and more.

We are with you!

Any questions? Got troubles with our product? With enterprise version you get an extended support package.



3.25 $

per user per month available in user packs of $390 with 10 yearly users per pack
Access to Kanban Enterprise Edition (EE)
Next-business day support


4.08 $

per user per month available in user packs of $4900 with 100 yearly users per pack
Everything from Basic
Live installation and configuration assistance
Live upgrade assistance