Installation with Docker

The easiest way to deploy LeanLabs Kanban board is to use docker-compose. Assuming you have installed docker-compose and Docker.

1. Download

git clone

cd kanban

1.1 Register GitLab Application for OAuth to work

Go to or your GitLab installation and register your application to get the application client ID and client secret key required for OAuth.


Redirect url http://{your-kanban-installation-host}/assets/html/user/views/oauth.html

1.2 Change default environment variables defined in docker-compose.yml


KANBAN_SERVER_HOSTNAME - URL on which LeanLabs Kanban will be reachable, required

KANBAN_SECURITY_SECRET - This string is used to generate user auth tokens

KANBAN_GITLAB_URL - Your GitLab host URL, required

KANBAN_GITLAB_CLIENT - Your GitLab OAuth client ID, required for OAuth to work

KANBAN_GITLAB_SECRET - Your GitLab OAuth client secret key, required for OAuth to work


docker-compose up -d


If you followed instructions from "Installation with Docker", then the easiest way to upgrade would be:

git pull

docker-compose up -d